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Welcome to Edify World School Dehradun, a highly pioneering and enterprising school, pledged to provide quality education with an emphasis on traditional values. This progressive thinking has led to innovative & creative teaching methods that has made a positive impact on education. The students of Edify World School Dehradun are encouraged to develop habits of mind in a joyful learning environment and therefore school offers a broad, rich, and challenging curriculum, with a broad exposure to the liberal arts like dance, drama, singing, art & craft and sports. The school also provides selective opportunities to pursue individual interests.

The classroom experiences are challenging and designed to encourage curiosity, self-expression, joy, and aesthetic sensibility. With limited strength in each class, teachers encourage students to participate actively in discussions, to work together creatively to solve problems, to communicate their ideas effectively, and to learn from each other.

The culture at school is caring and supportive allowing students to build a healthy bonding with the teachers. In this shared endeavor in the pursuit of learning and growth, extra help outside of the classroom is an important element, as teachers recognize the individual needs and learning styles. The underlying philosophy of multiple intelligences is evident in the curriculum as it weaves its way through inter curricular links.

Curriculum revision is orchestrated by departments or by individual teachers under the opinions and guidance of expert educators While always accepting the value of student-centered learning, the school embraces a variety of approaches to teaching and content, from a traditional lecture and discussion format to a range of more experiential approaches and teaching strategies like RAFT, Reciprocal teaching, JIGSAW, Think Pair & Share, Four Corners and other such techniques.

The school tries to maximize the innate potential of each student and seeks to:

Develop in them the habits of the mind of a scholar to inculcate lifelong love for learning Expose every student to the deep satisfaction that drives from service to others Foster courage in them to live and think as distinct individuals Enlarge the education experience to include the creative joy & aesthetic sensibility of an artist, and the vitality & competitive spirit of an athlete Nurture the development of character to leading a purposeful life Create curiosity and love for learning & Empower them to take up responsibilities and make meaningful decisions

Edify World School, Dehra Dun, is truly a learning community


Holkar Educational Trust was set up in 2013 with the view to establish a quality school at Holkar Estate, Mothrowala, Dehra Dun which would provide opportunities to children in and around this region to develop to their fullest potential and enjoy their learning experiences. With this in mind, Captain Holkar and his son Mr. Pankaj Holkar, interacted with various educational agencies and finally collaborated with MDN Edify Education Private Limited, as their 3C curriculum was both meaningful and age appropriate and focused on the child’s innate desire to learn.

The foundation stone of the first academic building was laid on May 2014 during the Bhumi Pujan ceremony and the city office was established at Dwarka Store region in December 2014 to interact with first year parents since the construction work was in progress at the Estate. The first building to come up was the long administrative block
followed by the academic block and the Principal’s office. The school was launched at a press conference in the presence of eminent educationists Mrs. Kavita Jain, CEO, MDN Education, Mr. Rajesh Rai, Advocate, Delhi High Court and Mr. R .C. Joshi, VC, Graphic Era University.

The school started classes for students on 10th April 2015 with 18 children at the City Office. By 1st week of July 2015, the academic block was completed at Holkar Estate and the classes were moved to the school campus. 20 more children joined in July and with 38 students and 5 faculty members, the school became operational on campus. The student
strength in each class was within 8 students and combined classes were implemented at times. It took time for parents to assimilate how the 3C curriculum worked but within the first year itself, its positive impact on students was noticed clearly. Students questioned the concepts, did lots of hands on activities to grasp concepts, went on related field trips and enjoyed the Inquiry Modules. Regular training for the faculty members were provided by the MDN Education staff who were involved in each and every aspect of the school life.

The student strength increased from 38 students to 165 students in the 2nd year, and thereafter there was no looking back, with the present strength being over 10 times the first year numbers. From 1st year itself many different programs were introduced which were unheard of in schools – Coffee Mornings, Home PTMs, Sports Education Program, Adventure Sports Program and Life Skills Program. This made the school unique and with limited number of students in each class, school could boast of 1:8 teacher/student ration ensuring that all children received individualized attention.


Our vision is to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change in the social, economic and cultural fabric thus making  a strong impact on the global community through knowledge, understanding and attitude.


Our mission is to raise children as independent, responsible, resourceful and successful individuals with high self-esteem and confidence. We aspire to nurture individual talents and abilities by empowering all children and to help them develop into relatively disciplined and dynamic leaders of the future. These children will go on to become active global citizens, contributing richly to our nation and the world.

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