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In this age where extensive use of IT sector is being made everywhere, the school also has been creating and sustaining various IT related events and channels. One such initiative is subscription of its own Youtube channel ‘Edifydoon’ to update parents, students, well-wishers and viewers on school initiatives. Edifydoon was started in November 2019 just before COVID news started spreading with fears and anxieties. With a limited number of videos being uploaded at that time, it can now boast of host of other varied school videos which are informative, appealing and entertaining (with key social messages). The list of videos added in this channel include the following:

  • Performance of students of all classes in various online school activities
  •  Interaction with parents in different contexts – including the presentations of the
  • parents who were appointed as Educational Ambassadors for Holkar Educational Trust
  • School Song Videos on ‘No To Plastic’, ‘Girl Child’, ‘Corona Ko Harana Hai’ and ‘ Homage
  • To War Heroes’. These videos have been created in house with the school students
  • singing the songs and the lyrics and music created by the Music Department of the school
  • Videos of Pitthoo event – covering students, parents and school staff in different localities
  • around the school
  •  Videos of the Quiz India – online quiz contest for school students, another initiative of
  • Edify World School, Dehra Dun
  • Videos on ‘Udgam’ – an online singing competition, another first by any school during the
  • dreaded COVID 19 times.
  • Video of Jigyasa – school’s own e-learning resource for students
  •  Media Centre interviews by students of – CBSE regional manager, Chairperson of Niti Ayog of Uttarakhand, Speaker – UK legislative assembly, CEO of Cantonment Board,
  • other Dignitaries, Parents, school Director, school Principal, teachers and other students.
  • Video of school students reading the news – International and National
  •  Videos of panel discussions on various topics including SEN children, discipline among
  • students, Cyber safety, COVID 19 and many more key issues related to school
  • Videos of students presenting their school to the public
  • Videos of greetings for parents on special occasions
  •  Sample videos of teacher lessons

The list is not exhaustive and Edifydoon can be subscribed by the viewer and checked out for all the above and many more new videos which are being added regularly to the channel.

The school hopes that viewers are encouraged and enriched through our channel and it is expected that they share their suggestions to make Edifydoon an even more resourceful  channel.

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