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After a distinguished service career spanning 30 years in the Indian Army, Capt. S.R. Pal Holkar and Pankaj Holkar, a senior advocate in Delhi High Court were inspired to do something different for the future generation in the field of school education in India.


Inspired by a vision to provide a holistic education, Mr. Pankaj Holkar and his father Capt. S.R. Pal Holkar also recognized the huge scope for the growth of hidden talent in the country in the field of Arts, Music, Dance, Games, and Adventure Sports. They strongly believe that apart from academic excellence, students should also build and develop their careers in these fields.

To transfer their noble thoughts into reality, they established the Holkar Educational Trust in Dehra Dun in June 2013. The Trust in collaboration with the MDN Edify Schools Pvt Ltd, set up Edify World School in Mothrowala, Dehra Dun in 2015. Thus a place was created where children could enjoy their childhood years in a free environment, learn while growing, and develop their thinking skills through an inquiry-based curriculum. Making their schooling years productive, joyous, and enriching would always be the prime focus of all the activities of the school.

Mr. Pankaj Holkar is also passionately involved in the upliftment of ‘differently abled’ children and through his NGO, ‘Manav’ has provided various opportunities for the mainstreaming of such children for over a decade. The organization conducts rehabilitation and adventure camps for such children which has made a direct impact in boosting their confidence and encouraged them to challenge the difficulties they face in their lives. With an aim to reach out and help such children, Mr. Holkar then established a school ‘Tarang’ in October 2015 in partnership with the Cantonment Board, Clement Town. The school focuses on teaching children with various dis-abilities, the necessary life skills that are a paramount for their survival.

The history of Holkar family, is deeply ingrained in Maheshwar and the Indore region. The Royal Symbol of Holkar Dynasty includes umbrella, sun, nandi bull, horse, spear, sword, wheat and opium plants. The umbrella depicts the fang of cobra under which the sun is shining, depicting the Royal Sooryavanshi Holkar Dynasty. Nandi Bull the vahan of Shiva and horse, the carrier for warriors, depicts divinity and valour. Wheat and opium farming were given importance during the Holkars’ reign and hence shown in the Royal Symbol. 

Holkar is an apt title as it conveys that anyone who tries, accomplishes and receives fame and prosperity.

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