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Adventure Sports Zone

Adventure Sports has been one of the hallmarks of the educational program at Edify World School, Dehra Dun. The school believes that these are essential for students of all ages as they practically combat their fears while trying out these sports. Introduced from the very first year of the school, additions have been made to extend this program through more diverse activities and development of infrastructure.

The adventure Sports Zone started with the Burma Bridge and Net Climbing and has now added Spot Wall, Zip Line, Commando Bridge, Darts and Archery. A professionally trained adventure sports teacher ensures that all safety measures are taken during training and performance. Students not only find this thrilling but emerge as confident, brave and courageous individuals. Well trained and skilled faculty members conduct these sports under strict vigilance and ensure safety and security of the students.

In December 2018, during the Sports Day, the parents witnessed a rare feat as they gathered on the school field and saw senior girls and boys climbing a 40 ft vertical wall using the holds and anchored with ropes and then another student lighting the ‘Torch’ and coming down on the zip line holding the lighted torch. This was applauded by all.

Two of our students won laurels at Uttarkashi when they won the rock climbing event at one of the events centre. Children at a very young age are given directions and helped to complete a sports zone activity. A small climbing wall with holds, in the shape of English alphabet, has been put in the Wonder Room and kindergarten children love to climb this wall and experience the thrill from a very young age.

Children visiting the school with their parents for the first time get an opportunity to use the Adventure Sports Zone. It is a major attraction for all and the school is continually looking at ways to expand the activities in this area so that students benefit from them. The zone is also used at times for the SEN children from Tarang – school for differently abled. Under close monitoring, such students enjoy this kind of opportunity as they feel the thrill and sense a kind of confidence within them. Special events are also conducted for such students with the help of the Adventure Sports expert. This includes water rafting in the Ganges at Rishikesh.

Adventure Sports has brought about a transformation within the students and their sense of achievement has made them more confident and brave. School is committed to all round growth of all its students and Adventure Sports avenue is one of these ways to provide such a growth.

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