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When times are difficult, there are tremendous opportunities for innovation and creativity. As a school, we are continuously planning for students welfare and academic growth. The COVID 19 brought the world to a standstill. However, school started exploring various alternatives in order to provide a sound educational program to the students just as it had been doing during normal school days. Hence, the school staff team got together and attended school while students were learning only through online mode. The Media Centre was used extensively to prepare videos of teacher’s presentations of various topics in their subject areas. Further, work was going on to prepare extensively a question bank in all subjects. Then Jigyasa – an e-learning resource software was introduced where all these videos and question bank could be uploaded. In the presence of some of our key parents, it was formally inaugurated in August 2020 to prepare e-resources for students in order to enhance the online teaching program especially after the Covid-19 lockdown. Aptly named as  ‘Jigyasa’ meaning thirst for learning, this software has all the video recordings of teachers, student presentations, guest lectures, etc made available to all the school students through their own unique user ID and Password.

An initiative of Holkar Educational Trust, Jigyasa is slowly and steadily becoming a strong resource centre for the students and teachers. Work on its development is ongoing and in the years to come, it will be a great support system for learning and revision. Lot of time, efforts and money has been put to create this kind of system and there are concrete plans for the future. The targets for Jigyasa which are to be achieved in the near future include the following:

  •  Creation of question bank in all subjects with over 10,000 questions each
  •  Make available the recording of lessons to cover all concepts in each subject in each class
  • Making Jigyasa a very user friendly tool for easy navigation and exploration, without unnecessary clicking of buttons
  • Providing windows for display of the work done by each student
  • Creating a strong platform for individualized assessments with feedback for revision of topics and self assessment
  • Providing valuable and complete teacher led solutions for clear understanding
  • Expanding the platform for preparation of entrance examinations for various public Competitions
  • Creating a strong online base providing concrete support for students in any part of the world.
  •  Establishing a registered distance learning program for students

This software is still in the making and the school is committed to achieve the targets laid out (both short and long terms) so that maximum number of students can benefit from this wonderful e-learning resource centre – Jigyasa.

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