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The school understands the complexity of educational facilities and our focus is on providing the best in order to assist in a child’s overall development.  The school has excellent educational infrastructural facilities on a serene and green campus. The infrastructure and resources are designed scientifically & human resources are acquired and trained, in order to welcome and foster innovative methods of teaching using technology.

The administrative wing is located close to the school entrance which allows easy access for parents/visitors who wish to visit the school. 

The academic block comprises of the pre-primary wing, primary wing and middle school buildings. Each wing is safe, idyllic and offers perfect surroundings for holistic learning. The classrooms are spacious, well lighted and ventilated to allow students to enjoy their learning experience.

Students have access to the science lab, computer lab and language lab which are well equipped to deliver the requirements of the curriculum and ensure an explorative and experiential learning.

Edify World School has a well  stocked library for pre-primary, primary, middle, and high school. The library has specified sections which include the browsing area, reference section, periodicals, and general section.

The wonder room is the favorite room in the school, especially for early school learners. The room allows them to experience and enjoy storytelling sessions with apt backgrounds, learn dining etiquettes, try spot climbing, sleep in a cozy and colorful environment and visualize nature through paintings.

The school dance studio has a smooth floor covering and a huge wall mirror which allows students to move easily and to check on their postures, alignment and body position. Both classical and western dance forms are taught under guidance from a trained dance teacher.

The music studio is well equipped with various musical instruments . Edify has both classical and western music teacher to train our students in both forms of music. Students who are musically inclined can opt for the music club to enhance their skills.

The school sports field named ‘The Rendezvous’, is the hub for all physical education activities and all school programmes. Qualified PTI and coaches train children in various field games and sports. All the physical education programs are specially designed and supervised. Besides sports, students learn life skills like team-work , leadership and patience on the sports field.

This area has been developed especially for the young learners of early year programme to enhance their physiological self, psycho motor skills and social well-being. The children enjoy their play time which is essential for their health, growth and development.

The Swimming Pool area is being developed and has segregated changing rooms for boys and girls. A professional swimming coach ensures that children learn the right and proper techniques of swimming.  Swimming helps in confidence building, increase of stamina and improvement of balance and posture

The adventure Sports Zone comprises of the Spot Wall, Burma Bridge, Net Climbing , Zip Line and Commando Bridge. A professionally trained adventure sports teacher ensures all safety measures are taken during training and performance.

An exciting and innovative project of Edify World School is unheard of in schools! The Media Center has been established in consultation with InetMedia, India. Students are trained in news reading, conduction of interviews, collection and editing of information and other related areas. The School Media Center is also the hub for all online programs of the school! 

The school classrooms are as per the standards laid down by the CBSE. Each classroom is equipped with display boards, Marker & Chalk Boards for teaching, furniture as per the age group of students and storage spaces. Most of the classrooms have LCD Projectors and every classroom is equipped with one desk top computer for sharing of e-resources.

A well-equipped infirmary under the supervision of a first aid trained facilitator provides the necessary medical aid to students. 24 hours ambulance service is available to cater to any emergency.

Counselors are available near the main gate in the Counselor’s Lounge for answering the enquiries of parents and organizing their interaction with faculty members, Coordinators, Principal or Director. School information is shared by them with all who visit the campus.

A guard is always stationed at the only entry point of the school – the Main gate. He regulates the flow of traffic and movement of students and staff and keeps the complete record of inbound / outbound persons. No student is permitted out of the gates unless authorized by the competent authority. CCTVs located at key points within the school are also used for tracking and monitoring the movement of students and add to their safetly.

The school offers transport facilities for all its students.  Child friendly handles are all in place to ensure safe rides. Well-planned route network saves travelling time. A maid and facilitator on each bus extend care and concern throughout the journey to and from the school. Cameras in buses ensures that no misbehavior happens during journeys.

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