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In today’s complex and competitive environment, we need to equip our young learners to become competent and confident all round. It is therefore the need of the hour to have our students sharpen all their skills and develop character and a dynamic personality.
Apart from rigorous academic program, school therefore is providing Co & Extra Curricular activities to students for their complete growth. The following are some of these programs which have been integrated with the curriculum:

Sports Education Program (SEP) – Students from grade III onward choose one sport out of 8 being offered and are trained in the sport for a year. This way, they develop competency in one sport while learning about other games and sports during regular PE classes. Qualified part-time coaches are hired to conduct the program efficiently. Students are provided opportunities for competing in district and state level tournaments.

Value Education Program (VEP) – The school emphasizes on the development of core human values which is the basis for their studies. School academic activities promote sensitization

and concern for others, cooperation, kindness, compassion, and tolerance. A time is set aside for focussed discussions per week on community issues and solutions.

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)  –  Students are given a period per week to just sit quietly and read either a library book or their text book for the full duration of the period. Students are expected to explain what they read and the English teachers often ask them to write briefly about the content that they have read.

Life Skills Program (LSP) –  Students spend a period in a week to learn various life skills – debating, presentation of projects, entrepreneurship, first aid etc. Qualified people from different fields come and talk to the students in their area of expertise.

Gender Sensitivity Program (GSP) –  Regular workshops are held both separately and together for boys and girls wherein discussions and debates on acceptance for each other, equality of gender and handling ego, learning and knowing their growing pattern, handling their emotions, and other such topics, are held so that students are able to deal with their personal issues effectively and learn to live in harmony.

Club Activities – 12 different club activities are being conducted every week which include dancing, singing, entrepreneurship, gardening, chess, instrumental music, art/craft, yoga, skating, media, adventure sport, and debating. Events are held for students to showcase what they learn at the end of an academic session.

School also conducts Quiz India – a GK online quiz contest for students from

grade 1 to 12 and will complete 100 episodes by June 2022. Students win cash prizes for answer in gquickly and correctly. Along with GK, students are provided opportunities to participate in an online singing competition – Udgam.

School also reaches out to neighbouring communities through their ‘On the spot Program – Pithoo’ – with the help of their Parent Ambassadors. This program not only provides competition opportunities in the locality itself but also engages the participating parents through a game of Pithoo.

School also makes extensive use of their Media Center for the following student and staff activities:

News reading by students

Anchoring and voice over – students and staff

Online interaction with parents


Production of educational videos – students’ presentations, Teacher’s lessons, School song videos on key social issues, Parents’ bites, Panel discussions and many more such activities. The videos are posted on FB and also on the school’s youtube channel ‘edifydoon’.

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