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Edify World School in Association with Career Point Kota, for JEE/NEET (Grade XI & XII)
Holkar Defence Academy for NDA (Grade XI & XII)

Especially Designed Program by Edify World School in Association with Career Point Kota, for Grade XI & XII

After studying in detail the needs of parents related to their children’s senior secondary education, the school introduced Paridhi – a comprehensive educational program for the students in grades XI and XII which fulfilled their main requirements. Under this program, academics is strengthened and students are monitored closely so that they do not required additional tuitions at home. Travelling time and cost is reduced and the secure environment of minimum standards of their physical skills.

The Concept

Paridhi word has been taken from the Hindi Language and its meaning is connected to the limit or area enclosed within a circular outline. The circumferential boundary Paridhi could be related to our scope, thinking limits, horizon, following outlook, or possibilities. Students have their own limitations related to their skills, academic performances, abilities, English personalities, and self-worth. Every child lives within their own shell – ‘Paridhi’ – and this initiative takes cognizance of such a fact and promotes & encourages the widening of their horizons in all areas of their lives. The program enlargement of their limited area of thinking to de wider awakening. Hence this educational initiative of Holkar Educational Trust has rightly been given the title

 ” Paridhi”

The Program

Paridhi a unique educational initiative of Holkar Educational Trust specially designed for classes IX to XII within a compact 6.5 hours of school per day over a six-day week. After immense research and study of the issues & concerns related to these classes, as gathered from parents & educationists, the program has been designed to address these problems and provide solutions that are meaningful, effective, and supportive. Care has been taken to minimize the cost, travel, fatigue, emotional trauma, and stress of competitions. The program on the other hand enhances the student performance, confidence, self-worth, personality, and self-belief and equips the students with different and varied life skills. The program is being launched for grade XI this year and over the next 2 years, it will be filtered down to grade IX. This exciting program is bound to transform the lives of students by preparing them to face the challenges ahead with confidence and conviction.

The Curriculum

Paridhi encompasses the design of NEP (National Education Policy) which is being implemented and initially offers the following subjects in its first year: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Physical Education & ArtStudents have the choice to choose their subjects as per their career goals and undergo counseling sessions within the program to determine the best choice of subjects.Apart from core academic subjects, students will under go personality development program, life skills training, development of spoken English, Media training (voice-over, anchoring, handling of the camera, scriptwriting, and interviewing skills development), enhancement of their choice of talent, career/personal counseling and many more such initiatives which will provide for their all-round growth.The study of core subjects would be much more than the course curriculum so that the students have an edge in the competitive entrance examination after grade XII

The Way Forward

This program offers 360 solutions to parents and will impact them in a powerful way as stated below:It will reduce substantially their worry over traveling time & security for their child – home, school, tuition, career/counseling support, and other such activities.All these programs will be provided to the student at school. It will limit the expense per month fr the child, with the fact that in Paridhi, the avenues for the development of their child is being offered in the school itself within nominal payments.Paridhi provides all solutions related to their ward’s study in these classes at one place – closely monitored with regular feedback to parents.The program is equally strong in both online and offline modes. The online mode is backed with s strong online platform (at no additional cost) with complete resources of trained facilitators (academic & co-curricular), question banks, assessments, grading and feedback, and availability of counselors (career and personal). In the offline mode, the Campus is fully equipped to provide high technology resources and media center support with provisions for direct interactions with trainers, coaches, facilitators, and counselors.Through thorough planning, preparation, and follow-up, the stress level created by Board Examinations will be lowered substantially. There is provision for up to 100% scholarships for deserving students

The Highlights

Strong and rigorous academic program – with block teaching and closely monitored & supervised written workqualified and trained faculty with expertise in their subject area and strong IT skills Goal & result oriented co-curricular activities which include Media training, physical training, spoken skills in English and other club activities Regular personality development workshops, career counseling, personal counseling, vocational & subject-specific specialized workshops, and provision of updates on competitions Closed, secured, and closely supervised environment of a school geared towards the all-around development of students.

The Registrations

The registration is open for admission in grade XI under this special program Paridhi’ from 1st June 2022. Registrations can be done online through the website of Edify World School, Dehra Dun


by visiting the school and meeting the counselor. You may call 7055511150 or 7055711177 for individual counseling between 9 am to 5 pm on any working day. All students must sit for the scholarship test to avail themselves of the chance of up to 100% scholarship in their entry year.

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