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The fear and uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 was so immense that families within a locality were afraid of stepping out of their homes and were discouraging their children not to intermingle with others. This continued even after the lockdown was over and people were being allowed to go around for their daily tasks. It was at this time that the school took the initiative to introduce ‘Pitthoo’ with the intent to – # bring community together within a locality # provide intellectual, physical and aesthetic competition for parents and students # bring in cheer and joy and the feeling of togetherness # spread the message that ‘we can fight corona through precautions’ # let the community know that the school is standing with them during these difficult times. ‘Pitthoo’ an innovative educational program for school students –grades I to XII, for building teamwork, confidence and self – reliance, was launched by Holkar Educational Trust through Edify World School, Dehra Dun. The event was organized in different localities around Edify World School, D Dun through Educational Ambassadors of Holkar Educational Trust (parents of students studying at the school). The Educational Ambassadors worked with the school to finalize and conduct the event at different places. Local leaders and dignitaries were invited to speak to the locality members and to give away the prizes to the winners and participants. The game of pitthoo was also played side by side by the parents and guests and the feedback from them encouraged us to continue this unique program from one locality to another. Within this program, students below 10 years of age participate in Art/Drawing Competition and students above 10 years take part in a unique physical game – based on skill, flexibility, observation and confidence, and also compete in a General Knowledge Quiz. The parents on the other hand get actively involved in a game of Pitthoo! Once the lockdown was relaxed, the school took this opportunity to bring liveliness and cheer in different localities close to the school through its unique program – Pitthoo. The school staff members visited these localities and with the help of parent ambassadors organized this event in those localities. The event was enjoyed by all as it was both fun and learning opportunities and encouraged them to shed their fear of COVID19 and bring in some cheer. The event was usually held in the afternoons after 3 pm so that all could easily join. Lot of preparation and arrangements were done through school to provide to run this great event in the localities. Through this wonderful program, school was able to work closely with students, parents, local leaders and staff and created a positive impact all round. Reviews received from all were encouraging. School extends its appreciation to for all participants, educational ambassadors, school staff and guests for their invaluable contributions.
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