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School has been continuously introducing innovative activities right through the difficult time of COVID 19 lockdown to try and ensure that students are meaningfully engaged in creative activities and their minds are diverted towards challenges, learning and acquiring of skills and knowledge. An online General Knowledge Quiz Competition was started for students in grade I to XII in July 2020 with its first episode launched on 23rd July. This was open to all students without any registration or participation fee. This was peak time of COVID 19 and the intent was to keep the students abreast with General Knowledge. With cash prizes being provided to students for their fast and correct response, the winners felt a sense of pride and achievement once they presented their earning to their parents. Special questions for grades I to III enabled even these tiny tots to win cash prize and feel encouraged to participate. “Quiz India” – the name given to this online competition, is sponsored by Holkar Educational Trust, and powered by Edify World School, Dehra Dun. The contest is conducted via live streaming through ZOOM app from the Media Center at the School. This Quiz is held every Sunday from 10 am to 10:30 am and offers cash prizes to students who answer the maximum questions under the criteria of ‘fastest finger first’. Students of different schools, even from different states in India, participate in this contest. The quiz is gaining popularity among students. Currently 90+ episodes have been conducted successfully with the 100th episode just round the corner! The team conducting the program include, the person arranging the quiz questions, preparation of the special PPT, rechecking of questions, display of the questions and the anchor’s role of conducting the quiz and announcing the winners with the help of the assisting IT personnel. The anchoring is done through school teachers, Management members, students and hired personnel as per the need. Special episodes are prepared on special occasions with questions focussing on the event of the day. The Quiz is also made available live on facebook. With the reopening of schools offline, Quiz India contests are also held offline for whole school and Quiz winners are presented badges to acknowledge their achievements. With Rs 1300 total cash prizes awarded every Sunday (with additions on special days), students have been earning a decent amount. Over 1.5 lakhs worth of cash prizes would be disbursed once the 100th episode is conducted in June 2022. The efforts of the school have been appreciated by the parents as they see their children excited and eager to participate in Quiz India. The school believes that these students will do well in any external examinations where they are tested on General Knowledge.
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