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Media Studio

The School Media Studio is an exciting and innovative project of Edify World School, Dehra Dun and is unheard of in schools! The Media Studio has been established in consultation with InetMedia, India in September 2019. The Studio is well equipped and its activities are coordinated by a professional Media expert, who not only maintains the studio and equipment but also prepares school videos and events.


Opportunities are provided to all students from time to time to be involved with Media projects. Students from grade III onward learn how to face the camera and do anchoring, voice over, interviews, etc. All activities of the school are covered by the Media Studio and shared with parents through youtube link and facebook. Special programmes for parents are organized which includes panel discussion on key educational issues. Students of other grades, IKs to II, feature in other ways in the video coverage – at assembly, class activity, coffee mornings and other special events of the section / class. Students are therefore given training in Media activities as per age group. The School Media Studio is also the hub for all online programs of the school. Spoken skills of students are thus developed along with their confidence in presentations. The exclusive ‘Quiz India’ – online GK Quiz contest for school students, is conducting every Sunday through the Media Studio.


Apart from students, the Media Studio is also used to prepare e-educational resources for students and teachers. ‘Teacher lessons’ are captured through videography and uploaded on Jigyasa – school’s own e-learning platform for students. It is used by students to revise or study a given topic. Even parents are given opportunities for their presentations and interactions. Regular trips to radio stations and other such organizations is made to expose the students to the kind of work done in Media. The Media Studio is also used regularly to conduct online interaction with parents to share school updates.


School has also prepared special song videos which are in-house creations featuring our students performing the song.  Four such videos have been prepared through Media Studio and these have been acknowledged by the leaders within the society. The messages conveyed through these videos are encouraging and aimed at eradicating the imbalances in the society – be it girl child, homage to armed forces, fighting corona or abuse of plastic.


With the students coordinating and conducting the events of the Media Studio, under the direction of the Media Coordinator, the school is certainly preparing them for a confident and bright future.




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