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The parent body is an integral part of the school system and their cooperation, help and support can enable the management to take the school to great heights. The contribution of parents to the school can be in different forms. The school values parents’ input and expects from them....... To share in the vision, mission, philosophy, and motto of Edify World School, Dehra Dun To support the school rules and policies which are value based and in turn enable us to run an efficient school system. To participate in school events and functions as and when required. To contribute voluntarily with their talents and expertise in various students’ programs. To ensure that their children are on time for all school events. To stand by the school in times of need and /or emergencies. To be an active participant in their child’s learning program. To provide constructive feedback and valuable suggestions to the management in order that the school may serve you better. To ensure that all payments are done on time since the budget is planned around the fee payments. We at Edify World School look forward to a strong association with our parents.                                        !!Edify World School Community!!

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Playgroup to IX & XI (NDA/JEE/NEET)
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