PMSP – Primary & Middle Years Program - Edify World School Dehradun – Think Beyond
PSP (1-5)

The Primary School Program by Edify Schools is for age group of students between 5-11 years of age. This is the age for building strong basics for the students to use in higher education. Hence the program aims to develop in the students a reflective thinking approach that would help them identify and come up with solutions for real world problems via integrated thinking which imbibed through the trans-disciplinary learning approach. The overall learning process is spread across our trans-disciplinary 3C curriculum which has an inquiry approach to build the competency and the character of the learners. It tries to instil those characters required to flourish in this competitive world like open-mindedness, confidence, adaptability and so on.

The curriculum is an umbrella term which extends over six inquiry modules wherein students’ participation in their own learning advances in a progressive manner.In this process, the students learn to master subject specific skills such as receptive (listening and reading) and productive (speaking and writing) skills in languages in a way that they can comprehend, draw inferences from, relate to texts, read critically, use language creatively and imaginatively in day to day transactions and performances.

Since, Edify Schools believe in developing cross cultural understanding students are sensitized not only towards their culture but also appreciate similarities and differences across languages. In Mathematics, at the end of the program students are able to develop an understanding of numeration system, perform computations related to day to day activities, learn vocabulary in relation to spatial orientation, develop connection between logical function and day to day life, collect, represent and interpret simple data, identify and extend simple patterns etc.

EVS focuses on developing the following skills through delivering content in the form of: Observation and Reporting, Discussion, Expression, Explanation, Classification, Questioning, Analysis, Experimentation, concern for justice and equality and cooperation. All the learning engagements planned in a class strive to create age specific development milestone such as fine motor skills- attempting tasks independently with maximizing use of fingers such as writing, making decisions, social engagement- through peer work, increased communication tasks and all the skills that strengthen the core foundation knowledge in any student.

MSP (6-10)

The Middle School Program offered at Edify schools is run for age groups of students between 11-17 years of age. The overall outcome of the program aims to instill among the students an increased ability to reason, make educated guesses, sort facts from fiction, start thinking more abstractly, come up with ways to deal with hypothetical situation, begin defining their goals for the future, take opinions into account for decision making, understand consequences of action and develop sense of wrong and right. All of the outcomes are met through objective and subjective views gained through various subjects or disciplines.

The curriculum strives to build a bridge of interrelatedness and connectivity among the disciplines to facilitate multi-dimensional thinking. The approach towards teaching various subjects is unique and includes making observations, posing questions, researching, planning investigation, making and testing hypothesis, communicating with evidence, evaluation of alternative explanation, establishing interconnectedness between subject and social aspects of student life etc.

To promote holistic growth and development of the students they are introduced to a variety of innovative programs that go beyond the classroom and help them explore new areas of interest. The plethora of programs include: sports education, value education, life skills, community service, visual and performing arts, Drop everything and read, exchange, personality development, foreign language, etc. To develop opportunities to communicate non-verbally through postures, voice etc programs of dance, dramatics, art, music are a part of regular course work. At Edify schools, special guidance on career is provided by a career counseling cell. Apart from this a psychologist is in place to deal with emotional issues and build strong individuals. University fairs are organized to make applications of students easier and ultimately resulting in best university placements.

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