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Message Head of School

I feel privileged to share some of my thoughts about the education being offered at this wonderful new age school! I agree with Stacy Tauscher’s view that often “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow and in the process forget that the child is  already SOMEONE today!’ School recognizes the individual profile of a child and focuses on the overall development of skills – fine and gross motor skills, academic skills, analytical skills, life skills and social skills. To support this endeavor, a unique and practical 3C curriculum is offered from IK1 to grade V, which provides opportunity for students to develop and display all their talents. The curriculum is mapped completely in line with the CBSE course of studies. Our school programme is unique and integrates well with real life situations. In order to prepare our students for life, it is important that they are not isolated from ‘these real situations’ even at school. Hence opportunities are provided for self-expression, creativity, exploration, entrepreneurship and individual initiatives in all areas of school. John Dewey has rightly said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. Our continual efforts are geared towards creating a healthy, positive, joyful and purpose filled environment. Students are eager to attend school as they have much to look forward to, in a day. I have often heard parents say that their children love being on the school campus!
The school Media Center provides opportunities to students for anchoring, photography, videography, conduction of interviews and school presentations. The Sports Education Programme enables students to pick up skills in the sport of their choice throughout an academic session. The ‘Adventure Sports Zone Challenges’ are avenues for students to overcome their fears. The Coffee Mornings are enjoyed by the parents as they visit their ward’s classroom and witness the academic performance of their children. Home PTMs are opportunities for teachers to understand and know their students within their home environment. Regular field trips enhance the understanding of concepts taught in classes. Regular life skills workshops, counselling sessions and open forums build up strong understanding among teachers, students and parents. The bonding all round, among all stake holders, is strong and supportive. For us, ‘learning is not the product of teaching; learning is product of the activity of the learner’ (quote by John Holt).
I can write much more, but instead I would welcome our viewers to visit the school in person and witness these exciting programs.  We look forward to welcoming all at Edify World School!



Mr Ajay Lall

Head of School