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Co scholastic includes all forms of music, dance, art & craft and sports!

Co-scholastic classes are indispensible and must be offered to school going children. A balance of academic and co-scholastic

will be like a balance of the physical and the mental health, the scientific and  the creative, the individual and the team work ,which will eventually lead to a holistic development of the child.

Sport Education Program (SEP) at Edify World School Dehradun offers three days sports classes all year round. These classes are over and above their weekly co-scholastic periods. Sports specific coaches train the students in their choice of sports. The school currently offers sports classes such as adventure sports, football, athletics, cricket, basketball, self defense, yoga, skating and archery. SEP is conducted during the zero period straight after morning assembly.

The school will be opening its all weather swimming pool for it students in the month of January 2023. Such sport activities and provisions, if they are available in the school campus,  enable students to explore, test and choose the best sports for them to pursue further.Untill and unless they donot have an opportunity to explore, students will miss on developing the skills and talents  they could have excelled in.

Pursuing a sport since childhood is one of the best ways to stay fit .Sports also inculcates the values of teamwork, a consistent fitness regime, a sense of motivation stays as students do what they love.

Edify World School Dehradun is a child-centric school believing in students being naturally curious and intelligent. The curiosity and multiple intelligence factors must be employed to keep the emotional quotient high. A balance of the scholastic and co-scholastic  classes builds a dynamic and strong individual.

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