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Mobile phone is a valuable tool. It facilitates communication among colleagues, friends, and family members. All technologies that provide such benefits come with a set of drawbacks. Mobile phones have a huge impact on students’ life. Are you wondering what is the impact of mobile phones on student’s life? Then we provide you with a complete guide here.

The impact of mobile phones on students is having a cell phone a boon or a bane? Yes, most of us own a sleek and sophisticated device called a smartphone. Though the device hardly occupies the 3/4th size of your palm area, you want to hold your mobile phones all through the day. Loaded with mind invigorating  content, you get information on any given topic. Starting from how the weather is, up until  the traffic is on the roads, you get every type of information out there. This is just while you are out on the go. While mobile phones are useful, did you ever know the impact of mobile phones on a student’s life?


Having the convenience of a mobile device gives students an edge. Besides online lectures, students can also use it for entertainment such as movies, games, and social media. We now live in a world that is smaller and more connected than ever before just because of mobile phones. More than 95% of students own a smartphone, and 75% of those phones have internet access and apps.


In many schools, laptops are not permitted in classrooms. Mobile phones can replace laptops in terms of providing access to free educational and information resources. Mobile phones can be used to capture pictures and videos to help students remember material more easily.


In addition to being a blessing and a curse to the younger generation, many of these phones are also used for education and entertainment, which leads to bad habits like watching blackmail, pornography,and increasing cybercrime.


Mobile phones serve many important functions. Digital literacy is a critical aspect of young people’s schooling and research shows mobile phones can play a role in supporting such learning. It’s important students learn with these devices so they can effectively participate in the workforce……

Positive effect of Mobile Phones


Smart mobile phones are not as handy as they are nowadays, so students depended on desktop computers in the library to get on with things. This slowed down fast and meaningful classroom research. Mobile phones today are simple to move around with, incorporating all types of modern technology.Edify World School Dehradun supports students and make them technically sound . All types of modern technology are incorporated into today’s mobile phones, making them easy to carry around.


  1. Ease Access To Information and Technology.

Learning continues even  outside the classrooms. These phones aid students to access live information and updates as they go about their academic lives. Student engagement is better when technology-driven tools are partnered with  aid learning and not the old school methods. Most modern techs are innovative to keep up with the current technology era.It is one of the best positive impact of mobile phones in students’ life.


  1. Communication and Security Improvements

One of the major benefits of mobile phones is that it helps people to stay connected to each other.Students can make use of their mobile devices to inform their parents and guardians of their current location. Parents can now monitor the whereabouts of their kids and it aids the reduction of the workloads of administrative staff who would’ve been called to transfer messages from parents to their wards. A smartphone gives you the ability to do voice call, video call, and messaging to communication with each other. By communicating with anyone, at anytime and anywhere, mobile phones have transformed the telecommunication industry.


  1. Social Entertainment

Students are entertained by these mobile devices. While they relax with good movies or music, they take a break from all their academic work. They can also play games or surf the internet on it.They use it to take a break from all their academic work. They can also play games or surf the internet on it.They use it to take a break from all their academic work while they relax with good movies or music. Games can also be played on it or even surfing of the web.


5.Assist in Emergencies

Mobile phones assist you a lot in dealing with critical situations. It helps a person to instantly get assistance when faced with any troublesome situation. With mobile phones, you can also get the ability to trace the location of a lost person. It is helpful in dealing with large scale emergencies, and natural disastersThis helps them avoid danger and save their life too.


6.Assists in Academics and Skill Development

Mobile phones also help in academics of students. They help in providing quick access to technology, and information to students. There are several educational applications that you can use on the phone. These apps provide an interesting way to learn topics, make presentations, complete assignments, track exam schedules etc.


It helps in increasing engagement among students. In addition to academics, there are apps that a person can use to improve their skills and talents such as dancing, singing, cooking, art and craft, learning any software etc. You can download several free of cost books on your phone and read them.


In this way, mobiles phones also serve as a cost-efficient medium to learn skills, stay organized and enhance academic performance. With mobile phones, you can access several online groups to get a guidance about future prospects, apply for jobs, find internships opportunities, and prepare for the first interview.


Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones On Students



Although phones are very useful, they can also be a distraction. Some students make use of these handsets during class or study hours, hence no time to read. The internet, music, movies, Snapchat, Instagram e.t.c. aid this distraction.


2.Negatively impacts Academics

Some students use mobile phones so much that they start to neglect their studies. They spend a major portion of the time in accessing social networking websites, chatting with friends, watching movies, listening to songs, and other useless activities that they don’t get time to study. This ultimately gets them low grades, and destroy their career.


3.Cause Health Issues


Using mobile phones for longer duration is not good for health. Not just it impairs the vision, but can also cause sleep disorders, hearing issues, and other serious issues.Studies have been released to talk about the connection between radiation emitted from the device and chronic health diseases like cancer and brain tumor. Sleep deprivation from phone usage is also a cause of stress, which eventually affects your health.


4.Exposes your child to Violence

Another disadvantage of mobile phones is that you can access unlimited content that may not be adequate for your child. A lot of violent games, and movies are present on the internet that can negatively impact the innocent minds of children.The internet is free for all, it is impossible to ensure all educational resources seen online are right and legit. Students are exposed to a lot of these wrong and false information.

5.Examined Malpractice

Students can use their phones to answer questions that should be answered straight from their brains. A student who commits malpractice can be expelled from a school, therefore, the child’s education is affected



Looking at the positive and negative impact of mobile phones on children, it is quite clear that it positively impacts adults, youth, and entire society. Though, there are a few negative impacts of using these devices, that can be prevented if people use it carefully and in moderation.

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