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Developing students’ overall growth, ‘Growth Mindset Activities’ for students are an essential part of Edify World  School Dehradun’s Curriculum. Our teachers/facilitators train the students to become well-rounded individuals. Therefore, they possess both the intellectual and emotional capabilities to succeed in life. To achieve this, we must instill in students a growth mindset. A growth mindset enables students to persevere despite obstacles and  hone their skills for better. In Edify World School  Dehradun, elementary students are taught how to cultivate a growth mindset no matter their age. By doing so, students are more likely to achieve their academic goals. Additionally, they will learn how to deal with difficult tasks and ideas in life. Student who believes that their skills can be developed through hard work and perseverance has a growth mindset. When one adopts this mindset, one is open to both learning and critical feedback. Growth mindset students are also generally more willing to try new things.

‘What is Growth Mindset’?

Growth Mindsets promote a passion for learning and a willingness to take on new challenges. Growth-Mindset students perform better and rebound from failures more quickly than those with fixed mindsets. A growth mindset is important to children; however, many teachers/facilitators do not know how to foster this mindset in the classroom.

Mindsets are shaped by how we perceive the world and how we fit into it. Having a growth mindset means believing that we can improve our intelligence and abilities over time with the right strategies. Edify world school believes in  Growth mindset activities for students are characterized by a willingness to accept challenges and embrace them, as well as a passion for learning and a view of failure as a foundation for improvement. People with a fixed mindset assume that their basic characteristics, such as intelligence or talent, are just fixed traits. In addition, they believe success can be achieved solely through talent. In fact, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

‘Why Does Growth Mindset Matter’?

The development of a growth mindset is a great way to equip your students with the resilience and perseverance necessary to make a positive impact on others. An adult with a growth mindset isn’t debilitated by failure and wants to learn and grow!

Now Edify World School Dehradun provides perfect opportunity to engage students in Growth Mindset activities that  helps them transition into adulthood with positivity, flexibility, and ambition.In order to grow, we should develop our  mindset. Students of Edify World School Dehradun practise dialogue and collective decison making. The classroom rules and regulations are known as ‘Essential Agreements’ and students mutually decide  along with the Home Room Facilitator/Grade Teacher  rules that they will follow and abide by in their classroom.

Edify World School Dehradun follows an Inquiry-based and an Experiential Learning based Curriculum called 3C Curriculum. Students are encouraged to ask questions, follow the drill of ‘What they already know’, ‘What they want to learn’ and ‘what they have learnt’ at the beginning and end of every Inquiry  Module. Developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ is the intention of each activity conducted at Edify World School Dehradun.

The 3C Curriculum encompasses  Six Stages Inquiry Modules in which students learn  about Reflection and Taking Action  at the end of the  Modules.  Field Trips , Assessment after each stage of progress ensures students are guided and helped at every stage of their learning.

Students all across the world faced drastic conditions in the way education was imparted to them  during the Covid -19 pandemic.The after-effects are glaringly  worrisome. At Edify World School Dehradun, students are undergoing a 30 DAYS BRIDGE COURSE , so that they can be helped with their post-pandemic learning predicaments. Students are assisted with reading and writing skills,   balancing physical postures,  making  sure that the school is more welcoming than ever, students become mentally and physically  dynamically charged  and  retain their excitement for learning.

One way to achieve this is to participate in growth mindset activities. We can still change our ways as we grow older, despite the fact that it’s better to learn and use these concepts at a young age. However, we must start when they are young, impressionable and eager to learn !

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